The Xmas Holidays are Here!! – Baja Cantina

27 Dec

On the last day of work before Christmas and 3 weeks off work, heading straight home whilst the rest of the world would party the night away was too depressing to even contemplate. At the same time, I struggled with whether I should stay home and eat something healthy. My friend¬†promised we’d find something healthy!! But rather, we had this Mexican and gelato later.

We ate in the nice court yard they have in the back.



Chocolate chicken ;)

Chocolate chicken ;) I agreed to eat here in order to try this dish. The chocolate didn’t make it weird, being a distinct yet not overpowering flavour. Pretty good value too, you get a thigh plus antother drumstick. Before I told my friend that mole contained chocolate, he said it tasted like chicken cooked in a Chinese red braise (soy based).

Chicken suiza

Chicken suiza

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One Response to “The Xmas Holidays are Here!! – Baja Cantina”

  1. Imprecise Motif December 27, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Oh, these looks so yummy! I love mexican! :P

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