The Xmas Holidays are Here!! – Baja Cantina

27 Dec

On the last day of work before Christmas and 3 weeks off work, heading straight home whilst the rest of the world would party the night away was too depressing to even contemplate. At the same time, I struggled with whether I should stay home and eat something healthy. My friend promised we’d find something healthy!! But rather, we had this Mexican and gelato later.

We ate in the nice court yard they have in the back.



Chocolate chicken ;)

Chocolate chicken ;) I agreed to eat here in order to try this dish. The chocolate didn’t make it weird, being a distinct yet not overpowering flavour. Pretty good value too, you get a thigh plus antother drumstick. Before I told my friend that mole contained chocolate, he said it tasted like chicken cooked in a Chinese red braise (soy based).

Chicken suiza

Chicken suiza

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One Response to “The Xmas Holidays are Here!! – Baja Cantina”

  1. Imprecise Motif December 27, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

    Oh, these looks so yummy! I love mexican! :P

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