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Bagel Boy

31 May

I had an exam tonight. But it was so difficult to study whilst craving a smoked salmon bagel.

My exam was at 6pm, this cafe closes at 3:30pm…how dedicated am I to the fulfilment of my stomach?

Smoked salmon bagel – Salmon & Cream Cheese with Capers, Red Onion, and Lettuce on wholewheat bagel
Everything I imagined and wanted. The bagel, especially, was cripsy on the outside, fluffy and soft on the inside.

Now off I go to the library to study!

Once again, it was difficult to concentrate with the smells of my second bagel wafting unrelentingly from my bag. After 1.5hrs of solid study, I finally succumbed to the calls of the Mexican festival.

Spicy Mexican Chicken – Rocket, Avocado Salsa, Jalapenos and Roasted Red Peppers with rye bagel
I wasn’t too enamoured by this bagel, maybe because it wasn’t what I was craving, maybe because I didn’t get it toasted as I wasn’t going to eat it immediately, or maybe because it was a rye bagel, I wasn’t too impressed by neither the bagel itself nor the flavour of the filling. I was originally going to get the reuben, but changed my mind in the last minute. Now I’m really regreting it especially as I still don’t know what a reuben tastes like!

Now totally out-breaded, I went for a very long walk.

Saved: $8.90

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Chinta Ria

30 May

For a quick lunch, colleague and I came to ‘fancy’ Chinta Ria for this Asian street fare. We were so famished that once our meals arrived, not a word was spoken until the last grain of rice had been scraped from our plates.

Nasi lemak chicken curry – fragrant coconut rice with a portion of chicken curry, served with achar salad, peanuts and sambal bilis.
Delicious and satisfying, perfect nourishment for the modern day office worker slaving away in our cubicles. However there was some uneven microwaving going on here, both colleague and I had one piece of cold curry chicken.

Saved: $4.40 (we both ordered off their 1988 anniversary specials menu)

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I’m Angus Steak House

29 May

Friend and I both ordered off the lunch specials menu.

Wagyu beef burger
Apart from the burnt paddie, everything was good

Grilled baby calamari salad
mmmmm~ lots of tasty sun dried tomatos

Ginger ale and grape fruit juice

Saved: $12.75

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La Pesa Trattoria

25 May

Perfect cold night to be in a cosy restaurant eating a generous serving of comforting food.

The restaurant provided complimentary warm and soft bread buns and a shot of creamy corn soup, but they were instantly snatched and sculled before lenses could be pointed at them. Lucky we showed more restraint when our mains finally arrived.

Oven baked Veal Ossobuco with creamy Saffron Milanese Risotto
The ossobuco could have spent more time in the oven, and needed to be eaten with the delicious risotto for flavour

Milanese Meatballs served on soft polenta & sauteed Mushrooms
The meatballs were tough – somewhat workman like in texture rather than a delicate mince – but the polenta was lovely and silky

Saved: $32

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Spice I Am

24 May

When sick, eat Thai. The clean fresh flavours and the jolt of chilli does wonders for sore throat and queazy tummy.

Steamed fish cake, or officially known as Homok, being steamed Phuket style basa fish fillet curry and betel leaf, wrapped in banana leaf
Nothing says welcome to Spice I Am like this dish with its fiery kick of chilli. I took this photo just as my friend’s flash was going off – looks good, no?

Mini Curry Puff: Phuket style fritter of green school prawns on crispy betel leaf with chilli sauce, crushed roasted cashew nut and coriander
Reeeaally not your average curry puff – it’s basically pieces of whole fried betal leafs (whatever they may be) with chunks of prawn

Yum Hua Plee – Shredded banana flower salad with crispy king prawns, shredded chicken breast, roasted coconut shallots, chilli and nam prik pao dressing
sorry, banana flower? gotta try this!! To me it was the star of the night, the flavour was delicious and the texture was dense and chewy. Although I note that ours did not come with a bright red leaf as a garnish which most other food bloggers seemed to have had

Friend wanted salad and she wanted sausage (amongst other things which I pointed out were contained in my salad) so she got the Naem Khao Thod – Crispy rice salad with Thai pork sausages coriander, eschalot, spring onion, mint leaves, chilli powder and ground peanuts. She had to wash this down with 1.5 jugs of water because it was so damn spicey! It’s not the spicey that you note when you’re eating and chewing, it’s the one that only becomes apparent after you’ve swallowed it. Even after our dessert, she said her stomach felt like it was on fire

I cannot go passed a Khao Neaw Dum – Warm black sticky rice with Thai smoked coconut cream and pandan gelato
Friend and I both though the ‘Thai smoked’ element was too strange, foreign, and strong for our Chinese tastes. It was like…a strong floral infusion?

Saved $25.25 (I only realized just how pricey this place was when I got the bill: the two of us racked up a $101 bill!!)

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Made in Italy

23 May

Today was just too hot to be having pasta. Even as I was walking to this little hole tucked in an unassuming lane way restaurant, I was thinking about how I really wanted a chicken and avocado sandwich and a refreshing Boost juice. But once I have a craving for something, it just doesn’t get taken off the list until I eat it, even if it’s weeks later and I’m not really craving for it anymore. It’s like closing a case.

Polpette Fettucine: Veal Meatballs in a Napoletana Sauce and Pecorino Romano
yum yum YUMMIER…on a colder day.

Saved: $3.50

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19 May

A friend I made at law school, who quit his job in transfer pricing at KPMG to follow his passion in fashion design, got accepted at Parson in New York. Time to celebrate!

Sangria deluxe – sangria spiked with midori, cognac(?) and other alcohol
Extra alcohol was called for to further stimulate the festive mood, because no celebration is complete without alcohol

Patatas Bravas – Fried potato w/ garlic mayonnaise and spicy tomato salsa
For a non-potato eater (esp fried ones!), this dish was enticing enough to draw me to this restaurant. And boy did it not disappoint!

ChampiƱones al Ajillo – Sizzling garlic mushrooms

Chorizo Napoletana Sauce, Spanish Sausage, Olives, Chilli

Paella Valenciana saffron rice with chicken and seafood

Saved: $27

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